Saturday, April 16, 2005

Sick of my son

My son became 3 years old last Wednesday. It is very fast for me.
My son was in the hospital about 10 days last month because he had high fever for 2 weeks.
My wife was with him for weekdays and I was with him for weekend. My mother took care of my daughter in day time and I took care of her at night. Actually I can not concentrate for business during the time and I gave up to attend marathon race.
I was so happy when my son was back to home with my wife. I realize usual family life is precious time and health of family is very important thing.
Now I check more of my family's health.

Monday, April 04, 2005

April fool

April 1st. Is "April fool" in Japan too. However Japanese joke style is not same as western.
So some people gets upset about joke, therefore it is not popular day here.
When I was in New York, not so many people talked about big joke at "April fool". So I think Japanese people misunderstand about "April fool". Most of Japanese people think that most of western people are talking about joke all day in "April fool".
Sense of humor is very important thing for life, however every culture has own humor and it is not easy to learn it for foreigner.