Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Typhoon and pearl cultivation

We have many typhoons in recent years and they are getting bigger.
We have asked many question about "Typhoon give big damage to pearl firm?"
Most of people think about that typhoon took pearl oysters aways and all pearl firms become messy.
Actually it is not true.
Typhoon bring big wave to pearl firm, however it is only surface of the sea.
Inside of sea don't move so hard as surface.
Also pearl oysters are hanging by the strong net, so they stay pearl farm.
Therefore usually typhoon don't affect pearl cultivation.

Personally I expect that big typhoon tumble sea of pollution and bring clean water, however even big typhoon couldn't make it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Rain season

Japan has four season as Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, plus one more Rain season as "Tsuyu". Usually it starts from June to middle of July. Humidity is very high during "Tsuyu" and it is un-comfortable for us.
However rain is very important for agriculture and also pearl farm before summer.
Pearl oyster need good plankton for feeding. Good plankton come from forest in mountain and rain bring them to the sea.
It has been not much rain during "Tsuyu" in Japan in recent years. It is problem for pearl farming.
So pearl farming is relied on nature and we have to take care more about nature.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Size of Pearls

Larger pearls as over 8mm. South Sea Pearls and Tahitian Pearls are popular for the recent years. There are many 10mm. on the market, so consumer feel even 8mm. is small.
Larger pearls are gorgeous and impress to the consumer. And much more less work and make profit for sales side.
How is it when it thinks about a side to wear only actually?
As for the necklace of the pearl, 6mm has been standard size in before long from the old days.
Even a big western women is the size that it matches a figure that much and most.
Also smaller earrings of 5mm and under are popular too and there are strong demand.
Earrings of the little pearls makes women elegant and these can be used for casual style.
It is only made the problem of the recent pearl farmer side, and the tendency that the good inside of 7mm and more of the efficiency makes medium to larger pearls are strong, and the production of 6mm and under has been decreasing very much.
It feels this tendency the doubt of whether to be good for the guest if it is suitable for the market as expected, of it to be very good.
When it thinks about the thing of a side originally to reach though it thinks for various problems that to be to raise smaller pearls, it thinks that the one that the amounts of production of the little size whose quality is better were increased is more wholesome.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Golden Week

We have long holiday this season and it called "Golden Week".
April 29, May 3, 4, 5 are national holiday and some companies closed 10 days.
Many Japanese are going to over sea this season.
Pearl manufactures are busy for processing for new crop in this season, so I haven't get long holidays for "Golden Week".
This time, I run 70km marathon at May 3rd. It took 8 hours and it was one of the hardest race for me. I lost weight 4kg.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Sick of my son

My son became 3 years old last Wednesday. It is very fast for me.
My son was in the hospital about 10 days last month because he had high fever for 2 weeks.
My wife was with him for weekdays and I was with him for weekend. My mother took care of my daughter in day time and I took care of her at night. Actually I can not concentrate for business during the time and I gave up to attend marathon race.
I was so happy when my son was back to home with my wife. I realize usual family life is precious time and health of family is very important thing.
Now I check more of my family's health.

Monday, April 04, 2005

April fool

April 1st. Is "April fool" in Japan too. However Japanese joke style is not same as western.
So some people gets upset about joke, therefore it is not popular day here.
When I was in New York, not so many people talked about big joke at "April fool". So I think Japanese people misunderstand about "April fool". Most of Japanese people think that most of western people are talking about joke all day in "April fool".
Sense of humor is very important thing for life, however every culture has own humor and it is not easy to learn it for foreigner.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Small Sizes

Recently we have many requirements for smaller sizes as under 6.5mm. for export. For domestic, Japanese women like medium to bigger size as over 7mm.
So most of pearl farmers wants to making over 7mm and smaller sizes are short recent years particularly fine quality.
For commercial quality, they can use Chinese Fresh water pearls, however these quality is not enough for fine quality.
If Japanese farmers are making more fine quality of smaller sizes, definitely it would be popular items. However problem is smaller sizes don't make profit for farmers. They prefer to making medium to bigger sizes, because it is heavier than smaller sizes and making more money.
It is the problem for our pearl industry.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

"HANADAMA" grading

There is no public grading of pearls so far. Recently some stores and catalog house are using "HANADAMA" grading. According to them, "HANADAMA" is gem grade and there is certification.

We have been pearl dealer for 3 generation and our definition of "HANADAMA" is very rare. There were not much quantity when condition of pearl farm was good as 20 to 30 years ago.
The quality of real "HANADAMA" is like metallic deep purple color and luster is excellent. Of course shape and smoothness are important, however I notice that luster is most important part of Akoya pearls.
Unfortunately condition of pearl farm has not been good recent years, and I don't see real "HANADAMA" for long time.
Actually recent "HANADAMA" grading is not real "HANADAMA". So basically we don't get certification of "HANADAMA" grading for our sales.

It is sad things that many pearl dealers are selling "HANADAMA" grading pearl which is not real "HANADAMA".
I believe that real "HANADAMA" is dream of Akoya pearl and we should not forget about it.
It is the culture and history of Akoya pearl and we have to keep making for the future.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Customer from New York

We had customer last 2 days and she came from New York. Actually she is a president of pearl dealer which I used to work.
She went Hong Kong show first and visited Kobe, Japan.
She told me about recent life style of New York and there are big differences when I was in New York. Actually I was in New York about 15 years ago.
I'm surprised that rent in New York is up about 150% to 200%. I used to live in Queens and upper west side. I paid $650permonth for small studio in upper west side and she told me that it costs now at least $1,300 to 1,500. Salary of New York is higher than Tokyo, however I can not image for rent over $1,000.
Also rent of Blonx and Harlem are up too. I wonder that where are low income people to live?
Anyway, I miss New York much. I don't want to live there anymore, however I would like to go to shopping and eating. I could buy many good things as close, shoes, etc. For good price and could eat all kind of foods for good price.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

"HANADAMA" grading

We can see "HANADAMA" grading, top grade, pearl necklace on the store, catalog shopping in Japan.

I've been doing pearl business since my uncle for 3rd generation. My experience of "HANADAMA" grade is really top grad. There were only few lot and the quantities were limited in 20 years ago when the pearl farm situation was much better than recent years. So, only pearl farmer and manufacture can have them.
"HANADAMA" has really heavy pearl coated and color is metallic purple. Of course shape and smoothness are important, however their color and shining give me more impact.

Therefore the quality of "HANADAMA" grading in recent years is different items of "HANADAMA" which I know. So we don't give "HANADAMA" grading for our retail in Japan.

Real "HANADAMA" is very important culture for Japanese pearl business and we have to keep producing for the future.
"HANADAMA" quality is the dream of pearl and Japanese pearl farmers and manufacturers should not forget about it.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Not a type of retail sales person

It seems that I'm not a type of retail sales person. We had some retail sales during business fair and all of them were that I was not in the booth. It's happened not only this time but other retail fairs too. Usually our sales staff who are women make the retail sale.
I have confidence to selling pearls for whole sales. I can make good presentation for our merchandises. However retail sale is other yard and it is not just merchandise.
Also I don't care much about my fashion or hair style. I go to $15 barber.
Maybe I should care more about my fashion and hair style.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Business fair

We attend Business far in Osaka last Saturday March 5th.
This business fair was not only for Jewelry company, but many kind of business.
Over 90 companies had booth and there are so many visitors.
Our booth can sell the merchandise, of course I don't expect much sales this time, but I thought it might be better to make profit for fair expense.
We brought casual pearl accessory line. Retail price is up to US$300.-
We had some required for wholesale and sold some for retail.
It is lot of job to prepare for the fair, however always we could meet new people.
So if we have a chance, we shall attend business fair.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Flower powder allergy

Flower powder allergy is serious problem in Japan recent years. It is like cold, but there is no fever. There are eye, nose, throat problem.
I live in mountain area and there are so many flower powder in this season.
I've got flower powder allergy since 10 years ago. Actually I couldn't sleep at night for throat ache.
I start exercise since 2 years ago and flower powder allergy has gone. I was very happy.
But I catch very bad cold in this January and I couldn't do any exercise, then I get flower powder allergy again.
I have to do exercise until die.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

My wife's Birthday

Today is my wife's birthday. I have class of swimming tonight, however I cancel it and go back home earlier.
I'm going to buy Sushi, red wine and cake. Because she can not eat meat, she doesn't like white wine much and she like sweat. I'll go to shopping for her birthday gift this weekend.

My father's generation didn't celebrate the wife's birthday. It was Japan old traditional style. They think about business all the time. Business is No. 1 priority and family was second.
However Japanese culture has been changed and many people said family is No. 1. Also I think so either.
I hope it's going to be a good her birthday dinner.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Manufacture & Pearl Farmer

New crop auction, HAMAAGE, is almost over this season. There are not much high quality material this season again.
We are manufacture and have been doing business with Pearl farmer for long time.
However we still can not understand each other. Manufacture always talk about consumer market and Pearl farmer always talk about cultivation.
When Mr. Mikimoto started cultivation of pearls, he made pearls and sold pearls. This mean he could think both side. His dream was "making beautiful pearls for women."
After 100 years, manufacture and pearl farm are separated and we forget about the dream.
Now manufacture and farmer have to remind "Dream of Pearl".

Monday, February 21, 2005

20km marathon

I attend 20km marathon race yesterday.
It was very cold day and I takes 1 hour 43 minutes.
I couldn't did enough training this time, because I had bad cold in January and had very high fever about 10 days.
So I had only 2 weeks training before race, so it was not so bad result for me.
I felt 42.195km was quite long, so this time I felt 20km is not so long. The race was held in the morning and I could spend the time with my children in the afternoon.

The race aide served instant Chinese noodle after the race. I felt the taste was very good!
Chinese noodle, called "Ramen" is very popular food in Japan and there are so many stores, however I could not find better taste than the yesterday's one.

Friday, February 18, 2005


I joined some associations as business, alumni, hobby, etc. It is fun to meet new friends and good for me. If someone stays an association long time, they ask to become director and manage meeting.
Managing side of association is interesting. There are more chance to meeting member and to making own idea of meeting.
Now I'm director of 3 associations. It is fun and I make many new friends and connections.
However human relationship is not so easy. Every member has own idea and it is big job that every member makes happy. Also cooperation is very important thing in Japanese society.
Sometime I feel tired to be director. It is much easier that I join association as just a member.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

St. Valentine day

It was St. Valentine day in Japan. It is a day of declaration of love with some gift in Western. However it is a day of women give chocolate to men in Japan. About 40 years ago, it was more serious and women give chocolate only for declaration of love. Right now, women give chocolate friends who is men and it doesn't matter "love".
Also women who give chocolate expect returning gift at March 14 which is called "White day". Chocolate costs about $1 and they expect more expensive gift. If men who is given chocolate give about $1 gift, she is disappointed.
So St. Valentine day is big business in Japan. I'm expect that many men buy our pearl Jewelry for March 14.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

New York

I was in New York 1987 to 1991. I help partner of my uncle's company in daytime and studied English or Gem at night time. It was very hard for first 1 year for me, because I couldn't speak English well. Also I didn't get used to US culture. New York is melting pot and I met many kind of people.
After 1 year, my English become better and I was getting enjoyed New York life. I can buy many fashion items, can go famous museum, can eat all kind of foods, etc. I still miss New York very much.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Family business

Pearl business is my family business. My uncle started pearl exporting about 70 years ago. My father joined his company. Then my father made his own company. I helped my father, then I went to New York for working partner of my uncle. After 5 years, I came back to Kobe and make my own company.

I grew up with pearls, because my house was pearl processing factory. I can not wear pearls, however I like beautiful luster of pearls.

Monday, February 07, 2005


Today I make blog and this is the first comment.
I would like to communicate with over sea people and introduce our pearl business, Japanese life, etc.
I live in Kobe which is middle part of Japan. There are sea and mountain.
Usually it is carm weather here, however it has been very cold in this two weeks.
My wife start blog too, but her blog is in Japanese. I try to pot as much possible.