Monday, March 14, 2011

Thank you very much! We are Okay!

Major Earthquake & Tsunami hit North part of Japan on March 11th.
Probably over 10,000 people dead and injured in North part of Japan and it's going to take long long time to recover.
Also nuclear plans get in trouble now and this is big problem for North part of Japan.

We got many e-mail and Fax from over sea, which thank you very much!
Fortunately our company "Kobe" are located west side of Japan.
So we are Okay this time so far.

North part of Japanese are "Gaman tsuyoi" which is strong for patient, because they are living in long winter.
So they are tough and I believe that they can go though this hard time.

Also we went through Big earthquake in Kobe and we will help North part of Japan by our experience.

It's going to be long way to recover and it's just started.
We can do it!