Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Crop

It's November now and New crop season of Japanese Akoya pearls is coming soon.
According pearl farmer, situation of crop have been Okay. 
This summer was hot, however oysters haven't died so much. 
Because many big pearl farmers are out of business this season.
Sizes are down to small.
I hope I could see many of good quality for coming season.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Short distance Triathlon

I attend short distance triathlon last week.
Swim was 1,500m, bicycle was 40km, marathon was 10km.

It has been unusual very hot and humid summer here in Kobe Japan.
Race day was very hot.

I aready swet when I wore swim suit.  Sea was very carm, however i took a time.

Bike part was good.  I bit tired when last part.

Then run part was my worst part.  My legs had already big damage.  I took a time, but I finished run.

Triathlon is very hard sport, but defenetely it is fun.
I enjoyed!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Japan Pearl Quality Label

Japan Pearl Exporters' Association have a plan to make new inspection system "Japan Pearl Quality Label".
They just made up sample of the quality and I was checking them.

Pearl thickness is very heavy.  It is most important thing.

Luster is also heavy.  Dull can not be passed the inspection.

Round, semi-round, baroque shape is Okay, however they have to be smooth shape.

White, pink, green, yellow color is Okay, however dull creamy color can not be passed the inspection.

Few spotted are Okay, however heavy spotted can not be passed the inspection.

The pearls which are passed the inspection are given number and ordinal plastic label.  Japan Pearl Exporters' Association will keep each number. 
It is not easy to make fake label.

I feel quality sample are very good quality and there are not much on the market now.

If Japan Pearl Exporters' Association would start the system and keep the level, the market would know what is good quality of Japanese Pearls.

Japan Pearl Exporters' Association say that Japan Pearl quality Label system is going to start in September Hong Kong Jewelry Fair.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

New crop of Japanese Akoya pearls

New crop auction of Japanese Akoya pearls has been finished.

Total amount of quantity is decrease, particularly in good quality.

So price keep strong in good quality until end of the auction.

Price of medium quality keep strong too.

New merchandises will be ready in this summer, and price would be raised in fine quality.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy New Year!

Our winter vacation was over and I'm back to the office.

Most of Japanese companies start today Jan. 5th.

New crop auction has been started since last December.

Price of fine quality has kept high price so far for all sizes.

There are shortage of fine quality in Akoya pearls, so big company as MIKIMOTO pay high price.

Midium and lower quality are not started yet.

Most of Japanese pearl manufactures predict that price would be down as market price and strong Yen.

Anyway we expect good quality pearls in recent years.

That's only way to make customer's happy.