Thursday, May 22, 2014

18th International Jewellery Kobe 2014

18th International Jewellery Kobe 2014 was held May 14th to 16th.
I visited first day of show.

It was much more more crowded than past few years.
There were many Asian buyers form China, Taiwan, Korea, etc.  I didn't see much western buyers from Europe and U.S.A.

Also there were many Japanese buyers.  It looks that Japanese domestic market keeps strong.

Most of pearl booths were crowded and it looks all kind of pearls are popular.

Price of all kinds of pearls, gold and silver are going up.
Quantity of Gem quality of pearls are short.  So the price is strong.

Retail price of Jewelry has been same, so it's going to be problem that the price of material is up.