Thursday, July 31, 2008

Coming to office by bicycle

I come to our office by bicycle one to twice a week. It is about 20km and takes about 50minute. It is really fun and healthy.

I usually get up about 4:45 am and running about 7km 40 minute. Then I take shower and eat breakfast, I go to the office by car or train. I arrive the office about 7:20 am.

When I go to the office by bicycle, I get up 5:20 am. Then I eat breakfast and arrive the office about 6:50 am. I can sleep 35 minute more and come to the office 30minute earlyer.

I save more than 1 hour and cost of gasoline and train fee. Also I can take good exercise.

There are not much people use bicycle for coming to the office in Japan. I think it is good for Eco, health and deduct CO2, so I hope bicycle will be popular in Japan.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Loose Pearls Pairs on card

We have been exporting Japanese Akoya cultured pearls for over 50 years.
We export strands, loose pearls half drilled, 3/4 H.D. etc. and one of the our best exporting item is pairs of LPHD and 3/4 H.D. on card.

We have been making pairs since my uncle was in business.
At that time, commercial quality of 3/4 cut (big cut) pairs on card was popular and my uncle was exporting ton of them.

Time has been changed, now commercial quality of Japanese Akoya pearls are not popular now.

We are making mostly medium to fine quality LPHD and 3/4 H.D. pairs on card.

We could make 3 to 9mm. pairs, so our customers can promote wide range consumers.

Matching of pairs are not easy job. All pearls are little bit different color and luster.
Also customers ask us quick job.
So it needs experience.

Of course I have been matching pairs since I was a child, so I'm also good matching pairs maker.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I enjoy triathlon!

My hobbies are swim, bicycle and marathon. So I can do triathlon.
Season of triathlon race is limited. It has to be summer, because swim part should be sea.

I attended triathlon race last month and this month. Swim part is 1.5km, Bike part is 40km and run part is 10km. It called Olympic distance race.

I finished both of races. It takes 2 hours 56 minutes and 2 hours 49 minutes.
It was hard but I enjoy the race, because I can feel nature.
Also I can appreciate my body.

I plan to attend "open water swim" for 3.2km in August and "ultra marathon" for 100km in September.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Our retail fair

We are having retail fair twice a year as summer and winter. We just finished our summer retail fair last week.

We were selling Jewelry of Japanese Akoya pearls, South sea pearls, Tahitian black pearls and Fresh water pearls.

Japanese economy has been not good recently, because of inflation. So this time our customers didn't want to buy much of Jewelry.

Japanese Akoya pearls are still strong demand here, because over 50 years old people believe that best pearl is Japanese Akoya pearls.
This time we sold baroque shape, multi color and standard necklace and earrings.

We hope Christmas time would be much better.

Start again!

I haven't written my blog for a while, because I was too busy to take care our domestic business. We opened our retail store in Kobe about 2 years ago. Now we found good shop manager and she takes care of it. So I'm back.