Sunday, October 23, 2011

South Sea Pearl auction in Kobe

South Sea Pearl auction was held in Kobe last week and I was attending it.
Most of buyers were Japanese pearl manufactures including big companies as MIKIMOTO.

First day is mainly South Sea Pearls, second day is Tahitian black pearls and third day is commercial quality.
Most of pearls were for material of necklace.

Price of top quality were very strong in South Sea Pearls and Black Pearls.
Recently sales of Japanese market is getting recover.  Japanese people haven't spent money after earthquake in North part of Japan, however sales of high quality Jewelry is good in Department store in Tokyo area now.
Some Japanese are tired to be "Jishuku" which don't spend money.
This is one of the reason of result of prices.

Japanese Yen has been strong against US$ & Euro, so these price of high quality pearls are very difficult to export for oversea countries.

Prices of medium to low quality were stable.  Because price of volume zone in the market is limited.