Thursday, February 17, 2011

Export of pearls from Japan in 2010

Amount of exporting of pearls from Japan in 2010 is about 21,764kg US$203,770,000.-.

The amount was down about 3% compared with 2009.  Main reasons are exchange rate as strong Japanese Yen and economy situation for all over the world.

However amount of exporting Japanese Akoya Pearls are increased about 8% compared with last year.

Amount of exporting South Sea Pearls & Black Tahitian Pearls are down.
We feel there are enough quantities of these pearls in the market.

India & Thailand market was increasing last year and we expect that they are growing up more in 2011.

Manufacturers & Exporters of Japanese Akoya Pearls

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Video of KOBE BRAND Japanese Akoya Pearls

JAPAN PEARL EXPORTERS' ASSOCIATION made new promotion video of "KOBE JAPAN QUALITY - Japanese Akoya Pearls".

Japan has 4 season as Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and 4 season make good quality of pearls.

Kobe have history of processing of pearls as pearl city and Kobe has reliable grading of pearls.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

New crop auction was over

New crop auction of Japanese Akoya cultured pearls was over.

Average prices of top to medium quality are about 20% higher than last year.
The quantity of top to medium are short this year.
Also demand of Chinese market is strong and there are not enough quantities for them.
That is why the price was going up.

Domestic market has been weak and we predict this year too.
So we can not increase price for domestic market but export "China market".

New merchandises are coming around summer.