Monday, September 22, 2008

Japanese Akoya Pearls - so far good

The situation of cultivation of Japanese Akoya pearls are good so far.
Temperature of sea was good this summer, so they grow up without problems.
Therefore we can expect good pearls next harvest season in December.

Problem is economic mood.
Economic mood has been no good since U.S.A. economy shock.
It affected all over the world and consumers don't buy Jewelry now.
So it may affect auction price for Japanese Akoya pearls.
It is true that there are shortage of fine quality goods, so everybody want to get them.
However if the cost is too high, we can not sell them.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

100km Ultra Marathon

I attended "100km Ultra Marathon" last Sunday.
It was first time for me and Fortunately I finished it.
It took 13 hours 36 minutes.
It was one of my dream that I could run 100km ultra marathon.

Start was 4:30am. I got up 2:45am and had a breakfast 3:00am.
Limited time was 14 hours, so I may run until 6:30pm.

This marathon course was mountain side. So most of road was up and down.

My running pace was much slow than usual marathon, so my condition was good until 50km.

There were big mountain after 60km. 15km was up road, so I walked.
My pace was down after 60km and I lost my energy.
Last 20km was really hard.

I stopped most of aid station and took sports drink, salt, fruits, food, so I could run again.

Finish was really something.
However I can not think about next race so far...

Monday, September 08, 2008

Picture of Pearl Jewelry for Pet

We start to selling "Pearl Jewelry for Pet".
So I took pictures of dogs which wear Pearl Jewerly.

I get use to take picture of girls who wear Pearl Jewelry.
However it is not easy to take a picture of dogs.
They didn't stay same place, didn't listen me, always move...

Anyway, I took many pictures and finally I could take few nice pictures.
I like this picture.

It was hard job, but it was fun. Because I like dogs.
I'm happy to work with dogs.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Retail customer from U.S.A.

Basically we are manufacture, wholesaler and exporter of Japanese Akoya pearls.
So we expect to visit us buyer of oversea pearl importer.

Recently we had a call from American. I was out of office at that time, so our staff took care of him.
Our staff thought he was buyer of pearl importer from U.S.A.
He came to our office and our staff noticed that he was not buyer but tourist who was looking for Japanese pearl necklace for gift.

Yes, we do retail business too. We are very glad that he likes taste of Japanese Akoya pearls very much.
He bought Japanese Akoya pearl necklace and earrings set with satisfied.

I feel very happy that when our customers like our pearls.
I would like many people to know that how Japanese Akoya pearls are beautiful and attractive.