Monday, August 25, 2008

3.2km Open water swim

I attended 3.2km Open water swim race yesterday.
I finish 1 hour 2 minute and I'm satisfied about my result.

The place was near Kobe. It was small island called "Ieshima".
Course is 3.2km one way course.
Condition was very good. It was sunny sky and there were not big wave.

I re-started swim about 5 years ago. I was swim sometime when I was student.
Short distance is hard for my age, so I prefer long distance as over 1,000m.

I swim 2 to 4 times a week for 1,000 to 2,000m.

I feel that 3.2km was not so hard for me and I enjoyed about 1 hour.
This race open once a year, so I'm looking forward to next years!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pearl Jewelry for Pet

We have a plan to develop Pearl Jewelry for Pet and this business plan is approved by Japanese government economy program last July.

The pearls are protecting from dust of pet by coating which we developed.
We plan to making pair Pearl Jewelry with owner of pet.
We will make over 30 sets of them until next March.

I was on "KOBE NEWS PAPER" yesterday about Pearl Jewelry for Pet.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympic game and trend of Japanese woman's shape

Japanese short summer vacation is over. Most of Japanese are back to the work.
During this summer vacation, many Japanese were watching Beijing Olympic game.

I was looking forward to Olympic game, particularly swimming and marathon, because I'm doing both of them.
Japanese swimming team was strong this time. Unfortunately Japanese marathon team couldn't take any medal.

During watching Olympic game, I feel that women athlete who are shaped up are very attractive.
Most of Japanese women want to be a skinny in recent years. They don't like muscle and try to control the weight by food.
Actually that kind of skinny body don't look healthy.

I think trend of Japanese women's shape would be real shape up healthy body as Olympic athlete near future.

We have to design Pearl Jewelry to match with woman's athlete.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Summer vacation

Most of Japanese company takes summer vacation which is called "Obon yasumi".
This summer vacation is much shoter than European or Amerian summer vacation.
Usually it is about 3 days.

Most of Japanese company takes a vacation August 13 to 17th for this year and some companies take August 9 to 17th as one week.

Japanese pople like spa which is called "Onsen" in countryside. We stay old Japanese style hotel and take dinner and spa. It gives us relax time.

I like "Onsen" very much, however I couldn't go there much since we open retail store. Because I have to take care store during summer vacation season. Many tourists are coming to Kobe.

This time our office will be closed August 13 to 17th, however I will be in the office during the time.