Friday, May 27, 2011

Internatioanl Jewelry Fair in Kobe 2011

Internatinal Jewelry Fair in Kobe 2011 was held May 11 to 13th and I visited last day.
Jewelry industires in Japan didn't expect many visitiers this time, because of earthquake and Tunami in North part of Japan.
Nucler power stations in fukushima are still in troubles, so many overssea buyers are afraid to visit Japan.

However there are some oversea buyers and some Chinese buyers bought top quality of pearls as Japanese Akoya Pearls strands, Golden South Sea Pearls.

I feel most of exhibiter carry same merchandises and it is not easy to fined character of company.
Wholesalers want to handle popular items, so everybody carry same goods.
It's not easy to purchase of stock for visiters, because most of exhibiter handle same type of merchandises.

Cash management of Japanese manufactures has been tight, so it is hard time to make oridinal merchandises for them.