Sunday, April 01, 2012

The 20th Anniversary of KOBE PRECIOUS PEARL !

KOBE PRECIUS PEARL & CO., LTD. have The 20th anniversary in this April.
Thanks for all our customers, our partners and our staff!

Uncle of Mr. Matsuda had established manufacturers & exporters of Japanese cultured pearls, TAKEUCHI & CO., LTD in 1949.
Mr. Matsuda has established KOBE PRECIOUS PEARL & CO., LTD. as specialised exporter of Japanese Akoya Pearls in 1992 after I was from New York.

We had faced Earthquake, problem of pearl farm, strong Japanese Yen.
Now we handle not only exporting pearls, but Pearl Jewelry, Pearl canned oyster, Pet Jewelry etc.

We will inovate new merchandises, new service for our customers, however our polycy will not be changed.
We make smaile for customers.

Thanks again and we keep exporting finest Japanese Akoya Pearls.
We shall get in touch!