Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Size of Pearls

Larger pearls as over 8mm. South Sea Pearls and Tahitian Pearls are popular for the recent years. There are many 10mm. on the market, so consumer feel even 8mm. is small.
Larger pearls are gorgeous and impress to the consumer. And much more less work and make profit for sales side.
How is it when it thinks about a side to wear only actually?
As for the necklace of the pearl, 6mm has been standard size in before long from the old days.
Even a big western women is the size that it matches a figure that much and most.
Also smaller earrings of 5mm and under are popular too and there are strong demand.
Earrings of the little pearls makes women elegant and these can be used for casual style.
It is only made the problem of the recent pearl farmer side, and the tendency that the good inside of 7mm and more of the efficiency makes medium to larger pearls are strong, and the production of 6mm and under has been decreasing very much.
It feels this tendency the doubt of whether to be good for the guest if it is suitable for the market as expected, of it to be very good.
When it thinks about the thing of a side originally to reach though it thinks for various problems that to be to raise smaller pearls, it thinks that the one that the amounts of production of the little size whose quality is better were increased is more wholesome.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Golden Week

We have long holiday this season and it called "Golden Week".
April 29, May 3, 4, 5 are national holiday and some companies closed 10 days.
Many Japanese are going to over sea this season.
Pearl manufactures are busy for processing for new crop in this season, so I haven't get long holidays for "Golden Week".
This time, I run 70km marathon at May 3rd. It took 8 hours and it was one of the hardest race for me. I lost weight 4kg.