Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Japan Pearl Quality Label

Japan Pearl Exporters' Association have a plan to make new inspection system "Japan Pearl Quality Label".
They just made up sample of the quality and I was checking them.

Pearl thickness is very heavy.  It is most important thing.

Luster is also heavy.  Dull can not be passed the inspection.

Round, semi-round, baroque shape is Okay, however they have to be smooth shape.

White, pink, green, yellow color is Okay, however dull creamy color can not be passed the inspection.

Few spotted are Okay, however heavy spotted can not be passed the inspection.

The pearls which are passed the inspection are given number and ordinal plastic label.  Japan Pearl Exporters' Association will keep each number. 
It is not easy to make fake label.

I feel quality sample are very good quality and there are not much on the market now.

If Japan Pearl Exporters' Association would start the system and keep the level, the market would know what is good quality of Japanese Pearls.

Japan Pearl Exporters' Association say that Japan Pearl quality Label system is going to start in September Hong Kong Jewelry Fair.